Tips For Raising Pledges

Each rider agrees to a minimum fundraising commitment of $1,500 in order to participate.
  1. Get started early. Sign up & start raising today! 
  2. Set an ambitious goal, just beyond what you think you can achieve.
  3. Set up your fundraising page. Make sure you're logged in at the top right corner of the Ride for the Feast home page, and choose to edit your page from the dashboard. Tell a quick personal story. Include a photo and a link to a video. Have fun. 
  4. Ask everyone you know.You can send emails directly from our web site! Make sure you're logged in at the top right corner of the home page, then choose the "messages" option from the bar at the top of the page. You never know who will pledge your ride, unless you ask! Remember you are not asking for yourself, but for a cause important to you. Ask your:
    Church or synagogue, parents’ friends, your community garden
    Current and former coworkers, classmates, fellow alumni
    Exercise classmates, book club, cycling club
  5. Don’t be shy -- remind people. It is smart to ask more than once. People need reminders. Use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Throw a party, make face to face requests. Send thank yous!
  6. Get creative. Offer to raffle off a prize of baked goods, a knit hat, or something special to one or all of your donors. 

Check out these great videos from founding rider, David Andrews. David created a series of short videos with great tips on how to be a succesful fundraiser. We suggest watching the videos in numerical order as they outline from beginning your fundraising efforts to specifically fundraising with a team or as an individual.


Donations made by check or cash will be processed through Moveable Feast then entered online and credited to the recipient's fundraising page. 

Please make donation checks payable to Moveable Feast and send it to the address below:
Attn: Ride for the Feast
PO Box 2298
Baltimore, MD 21203-2298

Make sure all checks clearly indicate the participant to whom the donation should be credited.


Looking for a great way to double or even triple your donation? Find out if your employer has a matching gift program to make your donation go even further! 

Please note that all donors will receive an acknowledgement letter for their gift that they can also use for tax purposes. 

For questions about donations, please contact Samantha Flottemesch, Events Manager for Moveable Feast at (410) 327-3420 ext. 52 or


Downloadable Resources:

Donation Distribution Form

Offline Donation Form