Volunteer at Ride for the Feast 2017

We rely heavily on the help and support of our volunteers during both before, during and after Ride for the Feast weekend. Here are the ways in which you can help as a volunteer:

SAG (Support and Gear Vehicle)SAG vehicles are on the ride to help support the riders.  They will follow riders along the route and check in on riders to be sure they are safe.  Typically 10 to 12 SAG drivers are needed on Saturday and 6 to 8 on Sunday.  SAG vehicles will be marked with large magnetic signs on their passenger-side doors. 


SAG requirements include:

  • Providing your own vehicle
  • Providing your own cell phone
  • Attending a SAG orientation
  • If you are a new SAG driver for this year’s event, you will be required to SAG a training ride prior to the weekend of the event.

Your main tasks as a SAG driver is to watch riders for signs of fatigue or trouble and ensure they are heading in the right direction.  

Pit Stop - Full pit stops are located approximately every 15 – 20 miles along the 140-mile route.  There are 9 pit stops throughout the two-day ride, including a lunch stop. 


Full pit stops may be staffed by a Moveable Feast staff, one pit crew leader and 10 to 12 crewmembers (more crewmembers will be needed for lunch).  Pit stops are set up to provide food and drink for riders to replenish, access to a restroom and medical assistance and/or bike repair tech, if needed. Pit stops are meant to provide relaxation and motivation for the riders.  Responsibilities include (but are not limited to) setting up the pit stop with essentials, checking in all riders, cheering and cleaning up. Decorations can be provided however, we encourage you to bring and create your own theme.Pit stops (and the lunch stop) will be supplied with a variety of food and drink that will arrive by Moveable Feast trucks along with tables and chairs. Crewmembers are asked to assist with unloading supplies from the truck, setting out the food and drink for riders, and replenishing as necessary.  

Medical TeamMedical professionals are needed throughout the weekend to ensure the safety of our riders and provide any medical assistance, should it be needed. If you are a medical professional and available one or both days of the ride, we need assistance along the route in car or on bike and/or at various pit stops.If interested, please contact Dr. Jules Jung, the 2017 Ride for the Feast Medical Director at docjulesjung@yahoo.com or Samantha Flottemesch, Events Manager for Moveable Feast at 410.327.3420 ext. 52.

Bike TechBike technicians are needed throughout the weekend to assist riders with their bike tech needs.  Bike techs are needed Friday, Saturday and Sunday to check riders’ bikes before they ride and to provide support along the route. If you are able to bike tech that weekend, we will need support prior to the start of the ride, along the route and at various pit stops.  If interested, please contact Angie Elliott, Volunteer Manager for Moveable Feast at 410.327.3420 ext. 31. RFTF-2015-4.jpg

Overnight LocationsCrewmembers are needed at both Friday and Saturday over night stops to assist with evening and morning activities, including assisting riders, helping load and unload supply and gear trucks and helping execute meals.

Training Rides -  Ride for the Feast hosts training rides as early as March to help riders and crewmembers get ready for the ride. Crewmembers are needed to assist with SAG support, pit stops, medical and bike tech support. Training rides are a great opportunity to learn more about Crew Tasks and what to expect come the weekend of the ride. In addition, it is also a great chance to meet fellow crewmembers and riders. The training ride schedule is posted on the Ride for the Feast website.

Pre-Ride - Prior to Ride for the Feast we always need clerical support in our office. Tasks include (but are not limited to); organizing supplies, organizing printed materials, data entry, etc. Many of our teams also host fundraising events prior to the Ride, where support is needed.

Ready to crew? Be sure to sign up today! We ask that all volunteers register for this awesome event via our website. Be sure to check back for the Crew Orientation Guide for all Ride weekend related information.

For more information about volunteer opportunities for Ride for the Feast 2017, please contact: Angie Elliott, at 410-327-3420 x. 31, or aelliott@mfeast.org.